Do you think you might be abusive?

Have you ever thought... 

              Help!  My life is out of control 

              I’m tired of fighting, always fighting             

              I think I need anger management 

              My partner drives me crazy.  I don’t know what else to do.   

              Why do I keep making things worse when I just want them to get better?   

              Who can I talk with?  Does anybody understand? 

              Will they have me arrested?

              Will they take my children?

All couples get in disagreements. However, there is a huge difference between disagreeing respectfully and fighting with words and physical force. Abuse is not just physical.  It also includes jealousy, thinking you are entitled to control another person's behavior, insults, yelling, financial manipulation, using the children to get even, threats and so much more. 

Have you ever thought –

                I’m not really violent.  I’ve never hit.

                I’ve only pushed when my partner got in my face.

                I only choked when they wouldn’t shut up.  

                I only get violent when I lose control or when my partner asks for it

No one deserves violence. Violence is a choice. Everyone has problems in their lives. There is no one who is living in our community that has not experienced bad things happening to them. However, those who do not commit violence have learned how to manage their own behavior by becoming aware of their emotions, stress levels and learning new forms of communication.  Abuse and violence affect you and your family physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

 Have you thought –

            I love my partner.  I love my children.  Why have I hurt them? 

            Can I change?   How? 

Some of these  thoughts may show that you are looking for the kind of help we can offer.   There are people to talk with in Yamhill County – counselors, and groups of people (men and women separately) who have similar domestic problems of abuse and violence.  These are people who are learning how they can make a crucial difference in their own lives and the lives of their families.   

Life-altering change is possible. Yamhill County programs offer classes in ending domestic violence and abuse using new research in neuroscience and psychology combined with common sense and compassion.  Yamhill County programs can teach you techniques to help you understand and control your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors......and make the change in your life that you want and need.   

Call a program today and get started on your journey of change for the better!

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